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Visit Lake Tahoe



Lake Tahoe is strikingly beautiful when seen from afar, but those seeking peace and solitude will not be immediately impressed with much of the area around the shore as it contains innumerable shops, marinas, campsites, and especially holiday homes and lodges. Thousands of these wooden dwellings are scattered through the dense pine and cedar forest around the lake, and many of the adjacent beaches are privately owned. Still, there are plenty of publicly accessible, secluded places close to the waters edge and vast unspoilt wilderness away from the lake, especially to the north and west - Lake Tahoe is surrounded on most sides by high granite mountains with peaks well above the treeline, some covered by patches of snow that persist all year. The mountains are a very popular skiing destination during winter, with 14 ski centers that start to open in late October and some continue until May.


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Jaluna Rolik

Jan 20 at 22:43 pm
I've gone many times in my youth but don't remember the dates. My aunt owns a ski lodge cabin or something?