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Visit Kyrgyzstan



Kyrgyzstan has a surreal atmosphere that makes it one of the emerging destinations for international tourists, who are interested in the best places to visit in Kyrgyzstan that before you die. The popular Tien Shen Mountains are sculpted perfectly to complement the breathtaking terrain of the land. This country is also known for intriguing historical monuments with huge opportunities for fans of outdoor activities.

As is expected in an area where the large majority of tourist attractions are high altitude and rural, timing your visit to Kyrgyzstan is important. The best time to come is during summer with roads and hikes easily accessible. There are also some tourists who come in midsummer on the never-freezing beaches of Lake Issyk-Kul. During the winter, the main attraction is skiing, so you should plan ahead for that.


Kyrgyzstan is dotted with alpine lakes and 90% of the country is covered in mountains of unparalleled beauty. Each small range of mountains contributes a unique feel and flavor to the overarching landscape. Common sights include wandering herds of horses, yaks, cows, goats, and sheep. The mountainous terrain makes it a perfect vacation spot for skiers, mountain climbers, or people just looking for a serene environment to unwind in during their travels.


Nomads still wander the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, living in large, circular, felt tents called yurts. One interesting fact is that while Kyrgyz yurts are similar to Mongolian ones, Kyrgyz roof poles are bent instead of straight.


Kyrgyz people eat about every part of a sheep except the spleen and lymph nodes. During your Kyrgyzstan travels, if you happen to be invited to share a meal with a nomadic family, you will notice a dietary pattern: meat, meat, and more meat.


Kyrgyzstan contains the world’s second largest alpine lake and second largest salt lake, Issyk Kul. Drawing people from all over the world, the lake is over 113 miles (182 km) long, over 37 miles (60 km) wide, and situated almost exactly one mile high (5269 ft or 1,606 meters). Its sparkling water and snowcapped backdrop make it a truly natural wonder.


Almost 25% of the population lives in the capital city of Bishkek alone, leaving much of the land open wilderness. For this reason, the remote areas of Kyrgyzstan are a dream come true for trekkers and bicyclists.


Nomadic families use horses as a regular means of transportation, so opportunities for horseback trekking are abundant and extremely affordable. Riding trips as short as a few hours to as long as 15 days are readily available.