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Visit Kuwait



Kuwait, in the cradle of one of the most ancient and contested corners of the world, has a certain cachet. For a start, it may be just as oil rich as other Gulf countries, but it hasn't gone for the glitz and glamour in quite the same way – perhaps it's the years lost to the Iraqi invasion and its aftermath, or maybe it's a conscious decision not to sell its soul to the gods of commercialism.

And Kuwait lies just far enough away from those self-same Gulf travel hubs to the south to mean that tourists and expats are fewer here. The result? A more authentically Arab feel to the country. At the same time, Kuwait remains an oasis in a land of desert plains, and has excellent museums, a fine souq and a corniche of combed beaches and lively restaurants. It all adds up to what could be the Gulf's most intriguing destination.


Success stories

Calvin Ellis

Mar 13 at 20:48 pm
Amazing time at Kuwait City. Visited the art museum, the Kuwait towers, and marina mall.

Billy Polk

May 03 at 08:25 am
Not the best.