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Visit Koh Tao Thailand



Koh Tao is located on the east side of the Surat Thani coastline with two neighbouring islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Koh Tao is officially a subdistrict of Koh Phangan in Surat Thani province, and the name, in English, means ‘Turtle Island’ as the island used to be inhabited by turtles. The island’s shape is also thought to resemble a turtle when viewed from Koh Phangan.

The island’s natural beauty both above and below the water, with its stunning coral reefs and abundant marine life in clear, warm water, bring thousands of visitors here each year making it an unforgettable destination for divers, adventurers and travellers alike. This, combined with the relaxed atmosphere and life style, has been attracting people here for over 35 years and is now a warm second home for many. Koh Tao has developed in many ways, and with its thriving diving industry, is now one of the leading centres for dive education in the world.


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Kendell McKern

Dec 09 at 09:06 am
Got scuba diver certified in this beauty of an island!

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Apr 05 at 10:24 am
Stunning island Koh Tao and 4 days of scuba diving

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Dec 28 at 14:17 pm
with love