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Visit Kissimmee Air Museum



Florida enjoys a rich aviation history, especially when it comes to military aircraft.

The Kissimmee Air Museum, located next to Kissimmee Gateway Airport, celebrates this heritage and is amazing attraction that will appeal to all history buffs.

The museum has on display aircraft and small arms from the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, most of which date back to World War II.

P-51 XR Mustang

The star of the museum is the P-51 XR Mustang.

This single-seat bomber was featured prominently in both World War II and the Korean War and was well known for its aerial acrobatic abilities.

Other notable aircraft on display at the Kissimmee Air Museum include the MiG-17 F, Cessna L-19 and the Molt Taylor Aerocar.

The museum allows you to get a close up look at each exhibit and also provides the background information, specifications and history of each major display.

The museum is definitely worth a visit on its own merit, but is probably better known for its flights than its exhibits.