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Visit Karachi



Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is also the southern most city of the country and capital of Sindh Province. The Population estimate of Karachi is roughly 18ar by Authorities without a census) Million ( A rough guess that is inflated every y. 90% of them are Muslims, rest belong to all different religions groups among them Christians and Hindus are the largest.

Karachi is the commercial capital of the country. It has representation of many International Banks. Multinational Companies and airlines, Most of the international airlines fly here. All renowned airlines have offices in Karachi The city is vast in area having an area of about 2200 square kilometers.

You can expect to see a large variety of modern and Colonial architecture in Karachi. Though there are very few tall buildings in Karachi but the modern architecture is matured and represents a class of its own. There are many beautiful mosques, Mausoleums, Churches and Libraries here. Bazaars of this city are the most attractive. Karachi has been regarded as he most liberal and traditional city at the same time. The combination of people from all over the country has made the people tolerate each other's language, culture and faith.

There are typical oriental style of bazaars with colors and narrow streets and you will find in Karachi the modern shopping centers offering a variety of goods of International standards and brands. One of the major tourist attraction is the busses and trucks of Karachi they are seen every where and present a whole art gallery of colors in them.

The national museum of Pakistan is the most prestigious museums in Pakistan housing the artifacts from the Mehar Garh, Indus civilization and the modern Pakistan movements relics.