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Indonesia is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is the largest island country in the world by the number of islands, with more than fourteen thousand islands.

Indonesia has an estimated population of over 255 million people and is the world's fourth most populous country and the most populous Muslim-majority country. The world's most populous island of Java contains more than half of the country's population.

Take a look at the popular places in Indonesia for getting the most out of it

  1. Bali is one of the most visited islands in Southeast Asia and a top honeymoon destination in Asia. The island is a cliché picture of paradise, blessed with wide beaches, blue water, and green volcanic scenery in the interior. There's a reason that Bali claims a lion's share of Indonesia's international tourism.
  2. Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia and the sixth-largest in the world. The massive slice of land is split by the Equator on the western edge of Indonesia and is a dream come true for adventurous travelers or people interested in rainforests and endangered species. Sumatra is one of only two places left in the world where you can see wild orangutans
  3. Lombok, Bali's big island neighbor to the east, is the second stop for many travelers who have finished with Bali. The government is promoting Lombok as the next big tourism hotspot as development in Bali rages forward.
  4. Java, the oblong-shaped mass stretching between Sumatra and Bali, is the most populous island in the world; more than 60 percent of Indonesia's massive population calls the area home. Java is busy, and crowded in places, but bustling with real Indonesian culture and it is the epicenter for the famous coffee of the same name.
  5. The twisted, tentacled island of Sulawesi is situated just east of Borneo and north of Flores. The unique shape of Sulawesi also betrays the travel experience there: tough and different.

Success stories

Ash AP

Dec 05 at 14:40 pm
In Feb 2016 i finally went on my first holiday and overseas trip. Bali and Lombok in indonesia were gorgeous places and am looking forward to returning to other areas of indonesian in the future

Laura Könnicke

Dec 30 at 17:49 pm

Bach Van

Jul 31 at 08:19 am
Bali & Jakarta

Jelly Holtrop-Bergsma

Jul 13 at 16:36 pm
we travelled fron Yogjakarta to Denpasar. had an awesome time

Marilag Alavera

Jan 09 at 20:36 pm
spending our honeymoon here...

Pre Kaur

Jan 03 at 21:27 pm

kyo pickard

Jan 03 at 11:11 am
traveled to bali

Karina Bailey

Jan 03 at 07:20 am

Isa Wensink

Nov 13 at 23:55 pm

Kim Bezemer

Jun 12 at 18:51 pm
Within 2 years