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Visit Ibiza



The unrivalled culture

Ibiza has been the club and party capital of the world since the birth of Amnesia and Pacha Ibiza in the 1970s, but its history stretches back far further. In fact, the island is reported to be the birthplace of Christopher Colombus and boasts the remains of early Phoenician settlements. Because of this, Ibiza is largely protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The island’s unique beauty and history have seen it buck the tourism trend, with numbers of visitors to Ibiza increasing every year since 2009.

Its unique clubbing history

Think of any pioneering dance producer, and they’ve played Ibiza. From Privilege’s early days as Ku, with performances from the likes of Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury and Duran Duran, to the first sets from Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway that turned the island into the superclub paradise we know now, Ibiza’s clubbing history stretches back over a generation and remains the meeting point of underground dance and the celebrity mainstream.

The world's best... Space Ibiza

The world’s best club, and a regular highlight of our Awaken Ibiza trips. Space has hosted countless numbers of the world’s biggest and best DJs, and the pioneering developments made at the club, including the use of outdoor terraces and separate day and night sessions, have paved the way for countless copycats. It’s even opened clubs further afield, in Egypt, Dubai and New York! We’ll be hitting Space for Opening Trip 3 and Closing Trips 1 and 2.

Beautiful, sun-kissed beaches

Ibiza boasts over 50 stunning beaches, from secret bays to miles-long tourist traps. Whether you’re after a party beach like Playa d’en Bossa, with hundreds of holidaymakers, or the hushed, pebbled bay of Cala Llarga, it’s worth exploring the options on an island that prides itself on its stunning coastlines.

All-day boat parties

It’s not just about the incredible places onland – if you stick to the island itself for your whole stay, you’re only seeing half of what makes Ibiza so incredible. Bobbing along off the coast of Playa d’en Bossa or Las Salinas, in beautiful sunshine, soundtracked by incredible DJs… What’s not to love? Awaken Ibiza’s famous boat party is available as an upgrade to your trip package – just add it to your order when booking.

The stunning Formentera

If you’re one for exploring, you could do worse than taking the time to hop on the ferry to Formentera. From the Puerto de Ibiza (walking distance from Pacha), the Formentera ferry takes just half an hour, and takes you to a paradise of fine food and extensive beaches, all at a slower and more relaxed pace than the craziness of Ibiza. When you’re in the mood for a chilled afternoon, a couple of hours on Formentera is the one.

The delicious food

With a wealth of traditional, undiscovered gems down the many winding lanes that make up Ibiza town, and some gourmet treats across the island, Ibiza has a culinary scene far more exciting and wide-ranging than you’d expect from such a small island. What’s more, with the Spanish tradition of eating dinner far later than in Britain, finding a great restaurant can be the perfect way to kick-start a night out. We recommend Savannah (San Antonio) for its sunset, pre-party vibes, and Moorea Grill Restaurant (Playa d’en Bossa).

Sunsets at Café Mambo and Es Vedra

Perhaps the two most world-famous Ibiza sunsets. Café Mambo is the definitive sunset bar, open and facing the beach to capture every last ray as day turns to night. And those stunning postcards of the sun hovering over an uninhabited rock? That’s the view of Es Vedra from Ibiza’s south coast. Not to be missed.

Bora Bora

One of the island’s hotspots since opening in 1986, Playa d’en Bossa’s Bora Bora Beach Club has struck the perfect balance between bar, restaurant and club since day one. It’s also got the same high-impact soundsystem as DC10. Sundays are the day to hit Bora Bora, as its pre-party attitude and free entry make it the perfect place to soak up the party vibe.

The incredible people

What would Ibiza be without the people? Every year, Ibiza locals welcome hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers from around the world, and across the bars, clubs and restaurants that make up the island, they put on the greatest show on the planet. Not to mention the tourists themselves, amongst whom you’ll doubtless find the girl or guy of your dreams, your new best mates, and a gang you’ll arrange to meet every summer on the rock.


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