• One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves. Machiavelli Niccolo

Visit Humboldt



Willow Creek

This is where BigFoot calls home. The rest of us are simply visitors. In addition to China Flat Bigfoot Museum and the world’s largest collection of Bigfoot artifacts, you will also find the very best our California mountains have to offer. Trinity River locals refer to it as “River fun in the mountain sun.” Enjoy never-ending private swimming holes, rock jumping into deep pools, and some of the best whitewater rafting you’ll ever know. There’s so much to do here, you might just decide to stay. You can even book a backcountry auto tour and get up close and personal with Six Rivers National Forest, enjoy a variety of winetasting choices, sample the freshest produce from local farm stands, and as mentioned earlier…share a little quality-time with Bigfoot.

Trinity River

Like a giant snake, this jade-green river winds deep into the mountains for 165 miles. Featuring endless swimming holes, fishing, rafting, camping, and backpacking…you may never see another human being the entire time. In fact, so remote, peaceful and quiet, you may only have Bigfoot to share it with. This is, after all, his stomping grounds.

Redwood National and State Parks

A gorgeous 10-mile scenic drive, winds through towering, ancient redwoods that will leave you gasping in awe. Enjoy over 75 miles of hiking, bicycle and self-guided nature trails. Ancient and mystical, this is Humboldt at its very, very best.

The Lost Coast

Rolling mountains and windswept coastal bluffs come face-to-face with miles of narrow beaches and crashing waves. Seemingly a land forgotten, this scenic coastal playground provides an endless expanse perfect for wandering, soul-searching and other romantic pursuits. Located along the coastal bluffs south of the Eel River, a short drive just south of Eureka and six easy miles west of Ferndale, sits some of the most beautiful and memorable beaches, grasslands and scattered patches of forest.

Fern Canyon

Hidden to the casual observer, a secret adventure awaits those who persist. Down a long and winding road, travelers will find well-marked paths crossing over a variety of streams beneath towering redwoods…suddenly to come upon a hidden canyon cut deep into the mountain side. Narrow 50-foot walls shoot high above on either side, bathed entirely in a carpet of ferns, clover and moss. A word of advice…Bring along a bite to eat as you may want to stay awhile…and dream.

Special Note: Perhaps the real Lost World, Fern Canyon is the primeval location used in the filming of Jurassic Park 2. An easy, approximate 2-mile loop features seasonal bridges over Home Creek. Day-use fee; restrooms and beach access. Keep a careful eye out for Bigfoot and Raptors alike.

Eel River

In case you need even more solitude and serenity, discover 196 miles of deep swimming holes, fishing, and towering redwoods which only stop to allow the river to run by. Named by a group of mountain men when they traded a frying pan for a freshly caught cluster of Ocean Lamprey they mistook for real eels…good thing they didn’t call it Frying Pan River.