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Visit Hong Kong Willie



Recycled junk and fishing buoys litter the yard and facade of this bait shop cum art project.

Started by artist Derek Brown and his family, the name Hong Kong Willie was taken from a fact he learned in an art class once regarding Hong Kong’s proficient recycling and reuse programs. In fact the found object art that adorns the bait shop is almost exclusively created from detritus and found items. Brown see this reuse not just as an opportunity but as a responsibility, turning his environmental morals towards his artwork, just as his father, also a recycled object artist himself had done.

The most striking piece is likely the tall “tree” made of strings of disused fishing buoys. This theme is carried over to the house as well which features more strings of buoys along the walls accented by signs, life preservers, and assorted other artfully placed pieces. There is even an out of commission helicopter on the grounds which is also covered in netting and painted a bright orange.

Visitors and passersby will likely remember Hong Kong Willie for its cacophonous art pieces but locals generally seem to know the shop more for having the best composting worms around.