• The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

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In the early 1900s, Futterer was struck ill with severe appendicitis. His prayers for a recovery were answered soon after, leading to a strong belief in the Bible. In 1926, his new-found relationship with religion led to a number of expeditions to the Holy Land, culminating in a personal quest for the Golden Ark of the Covenant.

Unlike the film hero, Futterer never found the Ark, but he did amass quite a collection of artifacts from Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, and Palestine. With a large collection and nowhere to store it, Futterer founded a five-room museum in Los Angeles to house his goods, and they remain there to this day.

Items range from small pieces such as 5,000-year-old oil lamps, bottles, coins, ivory and silver Mideastern jewelry, and tapestries to a mummy casket dating back to 600 years before the birth of Christ and a 2,700-year-old sarcophagus. Other highlights include an ancient game table from Damascus featuring 10,000 inlaid pearls and wood from fourteen different fruit trees, and three ears of now-extinct Egyptian corn.

In a nice touch, after each tour, guests are treated to a grape drink, some Mandel (almond) bread, and apricot fruit leather imported from Damascus.