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Visit Ghana, Africa



Ghana is a magical place full of history, culture, scenery, wildlife and some of the friendliest people on earth. While it is difficult to name just the most important destinations, these are the top 10 attractions in Ghana by volume of requests.

Here some of must-see attractions of Ghana


Accra is the capital and largest city in Ghana with the population of over two million. Accra provides a wide range of accommodation and other tourist facilities and services for both business and holiday tourists. Accra is a city full of character, has a warm feel, is extremely friendly and is very safe. It also has some great beaches!


Ghana faces the Atlantic Ocean and is blessed with some of the world's most untouched beaches, pristine clarity in the water and beautiful white sands. While there are many beach resorts along the coast in all budget ranges, many beaches are not developed and are mainly used for fishing by the local people.


Located just north of Cape Coast, Kakum National Park is a 357km² national park consisting of undisturbed coastal forest and is also home to an amazing rainforest canopy walkway. This canopy walkway consists of six tree platforms that reach the height of 30 meters above the forest floor. It is one of only a dozen or so such walkways in the world, and is the only canopy walkway in Africa.


Come and see with your own eyes the scenic beauty which Ghana is blessed. Exceptional hiking can be found at Umbrella Rock, the Tanoboase Sacred Grove or to the top of Ghana's tallest peak at Mount Afadjato. Less strenuous options include highland or traditional villages, lush forest hikes, or visiting any of our abundant waterfalls.


While Ghana is not on par with the great safari destinations of southern and eastern Africa, Ghana does have its share of offerings. Our 16 National Parks, resource reserves and protected areas cover a vast and varied habitat from wetland lagoons, broad leaved woodland and, as you venture northwards, the sahelian savannah plains.


Bordering on Togo, the Volta region is an area of extraordinary scenic beauty. The rolling hills and valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, and lagoons, rivers and numerous waterfalls make for one of nature’s most attractive gifts to Ghana. The dam at Akosombo has created Volta Lake, the largest man-made lake on earth, and provides much of Ghana's electric power.