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Visit Gardaland in Italy



Lying on the south eastern banks of Lake Garda, Gardaland Resort has themes reminiscent of the realms of history, geography, space and fantasy. Discover a submerged continent; challenge the fury of the rapids in the heart of the jungle; face the dangers of the ferocious sea, and experience the emotion of flight aboard a supersonic jet... Everything is possible in Gardaland Park!

Gardaland offers over 30 rides including OBLIVION – THE BLACK HOLE, Italy’s first dive coaster, shows and events like the amazing 'Madagascar Live!' show which pull the audience into never ending adventures, and the fantastic Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium with its new Claws. The Park has so much to do you will want to stay longer than a day and with its marvellous Gardaland Resort Hotel and its forthcoming fully themed Gardaland Adventure Hotel, it is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most popular short break destinations.


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