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Visit Fremont



Fremont knows how to have fun. Artistic and offbeat, this little neighbourhood in Seattle boasts a community that prides itself on all things peculiar. From unusual public sculptures to quirky signboards that may or may not tell the right information, you will be hard-pressed to see a dull moment here. Here are just six out of many reasons why Fremont, Seattle should be your next travel destination.

The Fremont Bridge

This cobalt drawbridge, which dates back to 1917 and sits between the Fremont and Queen Anne neighbourhoods, is an unexpected host of art displays. The expanding exhibition of sorts includes a neon Rapunzel installation looking out from one of the control towers, and a digital bicycle counter (the first one in Seattle).

The Fremont Fair

Every June, a carnival-styled festival known as the Fremont Fair brings this section of Seattle to life. Celebrating the “freedom to be peculiar” (or “Delibertus Quirkus”, the district’s unofficial motto), this annual affair traditionally sees a colourful flock of customised vehicles – they call them “art cars” – that have been painted on and embellished with themed ornaments, each with a distinct style of its own.

The Fremont Troll

Fremont is known for its wealth of public art, one of which hides under the Aurora Bridge. It is the infamous Fremont Troll, a giant 18-feet tall sculpture created in 1990, depicting a one-eyed monster with a Volkswagen Beetle in hand. Other sculptures worthy of note in the district include a bronze statue of a Russian communist leader, and a sculptural piece called “Waiting for the Interurban”, featuring six figures and a dog, which is often dressed and decorated by local residents.

The Centre of the Universe

This quirky neighbourhood claims to be the “centre of the universe”. Whether or not geographically accurate, it’s become one of the many permanent epithets of Fremont, manifested in a multicoloured, comical signpost with directions to places as absurd as the Milky Way. There’s even a sign that says “Noogie, Top of Head”.