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Visit Fox Bruin Theatre, Los Angeles



Opened by Fox West Coast Theatres on December 31, 1937, the Fox Bruin Theatre originally had 876 seats, all on a single floor. It was designed by architect S. Charles Lee, one of the foremost & prolific theatre architect’s in Southern California, who’s earlier work included the downtown Tower Theatre and Los Angeles Theatre. This is a small, but elegant theatre, that is often seen in the backdrop of movie premieres taking place across the street at the Village Theatre. Its wrap-around marquee can be seen from all four streets which intesect at the theatre. Originally the auditorium side-walls were treated with luminous painted stencils which glowed in the dark from the ‘black lighting’ effects of the cove lighting. It was taken over by Mann Theatres chain in 1973. and was equipped to screen 70mm movies in 1978. Sadly, the theatre’s auditorium murals that once glowed in the dark have been painted over, leaving a totally plain auditorium. As of 2009, the seating capacity is listed as 696.