• The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

Visit Erie, USA




Erie is located in Northwestern, Pennsylvania right on Lake Erie. They have an airport that several domestic airlines – US Airways (Philadelphia), United (Cleveland) and Delta (Detroit) – all have flights to and from. My airline of choice on this route is Delta since they fly regional jets and not prop planes and the flight time to and from Detroit is just 30 minutes. On top of that Detroit’s airport is arguably the best in America.

Splash Lagoon

One place to have a little fun that is open year-round is Splash Lagoon. It’s an indoor water park with a bunch of water slides. My favorite is the Hurricane Hole which is a giant slide where you go up to 40 mph and it torpedoes you into the huge bowl where you get “funneled” into six feet of water. Every time I do it I feel like I got shrunk and flushed down a toilet.


I was told years ago National Geographic Magazine named Lake Erie as having one of the best sunsets in the world (I believe it was third on the list). I thought that was rubbish until I visited – almost every night no matter what time of year the sunsets are ridiculously beautiful. It’s now my pick for one of the best sunsets in the world.


I live in Southern California and it is very rare to have a thunderstorm. I think in the 21 years I’ve been here I’ve seen and heard four. Therefore, I love a good thunderstorm (especially when I’m not traveling) and Erie in the summer has never let me down.


Of course, Erie can’t compete with cities that have every shop (including mainstream designers) imaginable but what Pennsylvania does have that the others don’t is no sales tax. That’s why so many Canadians make day trips across the border to stock up. My favorite stores are TJ Maxx and DSW.