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Visit East Bay Vivarium



An amazing collection of fantastic reptiles, amphibians, spiders, and insects.

Their inventory is incredibly wide. Looking for a Crocodile Monitor? What about a Red Blood Python? Or an Argentine Boa? The Vivarium carries very rare snake and lizards as well, including the Madagascar Ground Boa. The staff is incredibly helpful, and they will let young children pet some of the lizards with parental supervision.

On any given afternoon, on-lookers fill the store, just to gaze at the massive pythons, the tiny baby bearded lizards and the hairy tarantulas. The store also has an in-house resident: “Fluffy” a giant monitor lizard in a large cage of his own.

Be sure not to let your new exotic lizard or snake escape however, as a US Geological Survey found that Burmese pythons (which have already colonized Florida) along with other exotic, invasive species could easily colonize California.

In late July and August, the Vivarium has a particularly full selection of baby lizards and geckos.