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Visit Dubai



Cheap eats

People visit Dubai for the luxury of it all, but some of the best food is from one of the poorest neighborhoods. On Al Dhiyafah Road enjoy street food from places like Lebanon, Iran and India.

Warm weather

The climate is a reason in and of itself to visit Dubai. It stays moderate and warm, and can be a great break from the cold European temperatures. Al Mamzar is a great public beach, but if you’re lucky you can snag a spot on some hotel sands.

Modern architecture

The architecture in Dubai is like a display of new and modern architecture. The Burj Al Arab, or Burj Dubai, is not only an architectural masterpiece but the world’s tallest hotel. Check out the top floor bar if you’re not afraid of heights.

One of the world’s safest cities

When you visit Dubai you can leave your worries behind completely. It boasts a title as one of the world’s safest cities. In fact, they say crime is almost non-existent within the city lines.

Luxurious and extravagant hotels

Dubai is a wealthy city and if you have got the money to spend, this is where you should do it. Dubai has the finest luxury hotels that the world can offer.

Success stories

Harshvardhan Nigam

Jun 10 at 09:18 am
Went to visit my cousins.Most artificial city I have ever been to. kudos to their govt for envisioning such a thing

Meutrice Huggins

Nov 04 at 11:02 am
Dubai is mesmerizing! Lots to do and see. The food was awesome and the people very friendly. I cant wait to go back.

Veronique Huntjens

Sep 17 at 19:12 pm

Alicia Vanhoegaerden

Jul 27 at 10:37 am
4 keer heb ik Dubai bezocht, met mijn ouders zou ik er graag naartoe blijven gaan maar zelf ben ik meer voor tropische locaties met meer natuur

Sameea Baseer

Feb 02 at 22:27 pm
Nothing much to say...it was a graduation present from my parents! ! Nevertheless it was a dream come true!!!

katie adams

Feb 06 at 06:35 am

Beatriz Santos

Jan 27 at 01:31 am

Stefan Christensen

Jan 19 at 22:20 pm
Great time visiting Dubai, doping a longer backpacking trip

Olinka Harrigan

Jan 03 at 05:22 am

ashjan shafi

Jan 03 at 01:24 am
It was nice .. a beautiful country .. infact I am studying in Dubai

Charlotte Cowper

Jan 03 at 01:01 am
visited briefly during trip to Thailand

Kaine Ugwu

Jan 03 at 00:28 am
Dubai a beautiful city