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Visit Dream House, New York



Lamonte Young and Mariane Zazeela's "Dream House" will immerse you in an ever changing world of sound and light.

When walking down Church Street in Tribeca, keep an eye out for a black door with a cryptic white sign that reads THE DREAM HOUSE. Although this is not your typical dream house with a 4-door garage, it guarantees to be a one-of-a-kind experience, with its completely absorbing, constantly fluctuating sound waves accompanied by neon pink reflections of light.

Created in 1993 by modern composer La Monte Young and visual artist Marian Zazeela (who are married to one another), this is the culmination of 40 years of their work. Zazeela explains that “together, the sound and light can be experienced as a new form or new media: the sound and light environment. The experience of the two mediums together as one requires a new, or at least different, mode of attention.” For example, unless you are completely still, be prepared to encounter a new collection of pitches with every move you make, as you encounter the various resonating sound fields created by Young.

Young and Zazeela invite you to dive into their dream world, Wednesday through Saturday from 2PM-Midnight.