• The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

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The tea room that pushed the boundaries of adorable straight into...we can't find the words

A tea room so cute, it hurts.

This Pop-Victorian gem is like Hello Kitty in Wonderland, hallucinating through the eyes of Barbie. If that’s not clear enough a description, this marvel is not too far from a Beatrix Potter-inspired shabby chic carnival explosion. A Care Bears-colored looking glass, the dazzling prevalence of polka dots, precious boutique relics and British ephemera give way to multi-tiered trays of finger sandwiches, gourmet hors d’oeuvres, and confections worthy of a dutchess’s palate. The tea menu is extensive, featuring tantalizing and exotic brews with names such as “Blue Eyes,” “Star of Africa,” “Crownberry,” “Queen of Hearts,” “Paris,” “Jasmine Fancy,” “Happiness Is,” and “Marie Antoinette.” Crown & Crumpet might be the only place on Earth one would find Rainbow Brite, Maiden Lovely Locks, and Strawberry Shortcake consorting, but whatever the case, it should all begin and end with a curtsy.