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Visit Butte, California



From the Sacramento Valley to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range ... Butte County, California, is noted for its scenic beauty and the diversity of its natural land formations. Picture an ancient winding river lined with stately oaks and other lush greenery... flowing through a wide valley... a valley permeated with some of the darkest, most fertile soil in the world. To the west, imagine hundreds of acres of walnuts and pink-blossomed almonds... to the east, towering pines and evergreens... and connecting them... infinite patterns of rice fields, strawberries, orange groves, apple orchards, kiwis, and every farm crop imaginable.

The Feather River, a youngster compared to the Sacramento River, provides a spectacular canyon, as well as abundant water to keep Lake Oroville a wonderful place for all kinds of recreational activities. Loafer Creek, Lime Saddle, the Fore Bay, and Oroville Dam, itself, attract appreciative visitors from all over the state, country and world.