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Visit Brecon Beacons National Park



Brecon Beacons National Park encompasses one of the most beautiful parts of Wales. This hiker's paradise is bordered by two quite different sets of Black Mountains. The first, to the west, is the source of the River Usk, while to the east is the range famous for its wild ponies. Most of the mountains in this 520 square mile park are higher than 1,000 ft, many in excess of 2,000 ft, and are named after the red sandstone that causes them to resemble the beacons of light once used to warn of invaders. Be sure to explore the park's many caves and waterfalls, the most famous being Henryd Falls at Coelbren.


Success stories

Nina Konradsen

Aug 09 at 21:15 pm
Went backpacking in Wales by myself, and stayed in the Brecon Beacons for 2 days. Such a beautiful place!

Chloe P

Mar 25 at 19:10 pm
When we went to Wales we hiked along the Bracon Beacons - all five of them, it took us seven hours in the end, my legs killed and I was horribly sun burnt but it something that I'm very proud of my younger self.