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The Jungle Waterpark

Splash away with fun waterslides, and eat at the foodcourt in the middle of the pool!

The Jungle Waterpark is a wonderful place for families, friends and even couples to visit. There are many splashingly fun experiences awaiting, with different water sports and activities available. There’s a Kiddy Pool, where your kids can play, and they’re bound to have tons of fun with the water gun, spiral slides and more. There’s also a 40-degree heated pool that is a particular favourite of visitors, along with the the Leisure Pool where people are able to soak and eat in the center of the pool – where a food court is situated! This is where visitors love to relax with friends and relatives, while playing a few games in the arena. If you prefer to stay dry though, you can always head to The Jungle Waterpark’s main stage where Indonesia’s top bands hold frequent performances.

Little Venice Puncak

Row along on gondolas

Located in Kota Bunga, you may stay in one of the villas and then visit Little Venice. Little Venice is an artificial lake that is designed to resemble the architecture and natural structures in Venice, Italy as closely as possible.Here, you may try the variety of rides available – ranging from small bikes for children, to gondolas you may personally row. If not, simply enjoy the view as the gondola staff rows the gondola along.

Botanical Garden (Taman Bunga Nusantara)

Wander through a Secret Labyrinth

Have you ever dreamed about being in a very romantic, almost dream-like floral garden with a cool breeze and the sound of water flowing in a calming pool, just like in a fairytale? Bogor Botanical Garden might have just what you’re looking for. This botanical garden has several gardens, inspired by different places all over the world, like French, Mediterranean, Japanese and the local beauty, Balinese Garden. However, the main attraction of this place is the Secret Labyrinth (Taman Rahasia). Inspired by the concept of Maze Garden and The Wall of Troy that existed centuries ago, the Secret Labyrinth is exactly what you might have guessed – an endless winding road that leads to a palace or a special, magical place.

Indonesia Safari Indonesia, Cisarua

Go on an exciting safari and see the animals in action

Taman Safari Indonesia is arguably one of the most favorite attractions in Bogor and Indonesia’s most popular natural theme parks. It is also the very reason why traffic can be pretty crazy going towards Puncak during the holiday season. Built in 1980, the first Taman Safari Indonesia at Cisarua, was constructed on a tea plantation of 50 hectares. Today, Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua, Bogor, has grown to 168 hectares and is well-equipped with a variety of educational and recreational facilities. There is the ever popular night safari and adventurous safari trek that you’ll probably definitely enjoy – and if you stay at Safari Lodge, as well as join both the Day and Night safaris, you may enjoy this treat at a bargain!

Nymph Waterfall (Curug Bidadari Cikoneng)

Swim like mermaids in a waterfall pool. Not only famous for its diverse cuisine, Bogor also known for its natural beauty.

There are a lot of waterfalls in Bogor, and one of the most famous waterfall of them all, is the Nymph Waterfall, also known as Curug Bidadari Cikoneng or Cikoneng Nymph Waterfall. The name Cikoneng comes from Cai, which means water in Sundanese, and Koneng is derived from Bojong Koneng, which is the village where the waterfall is situated. This waterfall is suitable for some relaxing family recreation time. Under the waterfall, there’s a large pool of clear water that’s perfect for swimming. And if not, you can just relax on the sandy area right by the waterfall pool.


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