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Visit Bigfoot Discovery Museum



Roadside attraction and Bigfoot Museum.

Michael Rugg and Paula Yarr are co-founders of the Bigfoot Discovery Project or “BDP.” The BDP accepts the subject of the Patterson/Gimlin Film (the famous blurry ‘bigfoot’ film) as the type specimen for the Pacific Coast Bigfoot or Sasquatch and seeks to create a dialogue about the implications of the impending “discovery of bigfoot” by conventional Western science.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum opened in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Central California in the Spring of 2004. Its purpose is to educate the public at large about the probability of bigfoot and the current best guesses as to its habits and its place in the natural world.

Visitors to the museum will see many Bigfoot artifacts including footprint casts, local sighting map, Bigfoot videos, Hominid skulls, Bigfoot related pop culture and more. Don’t miss the nine foot tall Bigfoot folk art sculpture in the diorama out back! Museum meetings occur monthly for museum members and membership cost’s $25 a year.