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Visit Batumi, Georgia



Batumi is the second-largest city of Georgia. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, it is lined with palm trees and surrounded by mountains. Batumi is the region's touristic and gambling capital. It presents an eclectic mix of architecture, ranging from charming 19th century classical edifices to ultra-modern skyscrapers housing hotels and casinos. A regional party hub, Batumi has a vibrant night life, hosting increasingly big name international DJs and pop concerts. The Black Sea city welcomes visitors from across different regions - as of 2015, most tourists fly in from locations as diverse as Russia, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lithuania and others.

Here are reasons to visit Batumi:

Take a night flight

Buy the night flight ticket. If you are lucky and the weather is good you will see the moon in the illuminator. Despite of the weather caprice, the city lights, especially ones of the modern skyscrapers and hotels in the centre, will win your hearts when the plane lands almost on the sea.

Ride a skateboard

On the square under the Kartuli Agbanitower («Georgianalphabet«) boys and girls from 12 to 20 gather every evening to ride skates and bmx. All possible tricks and feints performed by guys will not only make your jaw drop, but you will also want to try for yourself. Don’t be shy to ask — they will never refuse.

Get to know Adzharia

Batumi is the capital of one of Georgia regions, namely Adzharia. The entire city is covered with local flags, which are the symbiosis of Georgia and Greece banners. The visiting card of Adzharia is a boat-shaped khachapuri with an egg. You can try it in every cafe, but remember that the good one should cost at least 8 lari.

Become amazed by the flora

Bamboo growing in the city centre is famous faroutside Batumi. The tourists not only take photos with the giant grass, but also leave commemorative inscriptions on the hard stems. In 1984 it was Batumi bamboo to ‘act’ in the ‘Love and pigeons’ movie. What is the most amazing that in 20 meters from the bamboo there can grow a pine tree, then a plane tree, a palm and an aspen, and in the city outskirts you can meet fir trees being neighbors with the corn.

Go to the beach

Even if you don’t want or cannot swim in the Black sea you should take a look at the beach. The first reason is to see the familiar old women and children walking on Batumi pebbles and selling resort food from buckets and packages. The second reason is to see rescuers in red shorts and red buoys, isn’t it Malibu?

See graffiti

This year a festival has been held in Batumi and its participant has left a ‘trace’. Giant boards nearby Alphabet tower and building sites fences are painted by artists from Georgia and France. However, the main graffiti attraction is the school 3, the fence of which is completely covered with local and foreign painters’ drawings.

Feel like you are in Italy

Besides the modern and intricate buildings like Radisson or Hilton hotels, there was built a square surrounded by low houses, where a lot of cafes and the clock tower are situated, and looking at it you feel like in a European town. The locals call this place the piece of Italy, or simply the Piazza.

Go to the lake

The third most popular place after the beach and the boulevard among the city dwellers is the lake, which according to the local stories was completely dried up at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is ‘full to the brim’ again, and Batumi dwellers go boating there. There are crowds of people in the park by the lake.

Drive like the wind

Take the public transport to move around the city — the Japanese buses will not disappoint you. They are clean and air-conditioned as opposed to the taxis. But don’t forget to validate your ticket in the electronic device, otherwise you can be fined, it’s very strict there.

Fall in love with Georgia

In Batumi you just have to take a funicular. The ticket’s price is 2 lari for kids and 5 lari for adults. Plan the trip for the evening, but until dark. The ascent by Batumi funicular is long — it will take you outside of the city, where on the top there will be tremendous view of Batumi. There is the cafe with lounge music, and after dark the national songs are performed live. Georgian tune, the light of the city beneath — we bet you would fall in love!


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