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Visit Audium-Theatre of Sound-Sculptured Space



*Only theater in the world constructed specifically for sound movement *

The Audium-Theatre of Sound-Sculptured Space consists of a foyer, main performance space, and what the owners call a sound labyrinth. It’s a building inside of a building, conceived and built specifically for this art form with the help of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Listeners - the show is performed once every Friday and Saturday night - sit in concentric circles in the theater and enveloped by speakers built inside of sloping walls, a floating floor, and a suspended ceiling. Compositions are performed live each night by a conductor who directs the sounds through a custom-designed console. The conductor uses any combination of the 169 speakers, sculpting the sound through direction, speed, movement, and intensity.

“When the concept of Audium began taking shape in the late 1950s,” the venue’s official website explains of the theater’s founding, “space was a largely unexplored dimension in music composition. The composer who suspected space capable of revealing a new musical vocabulary found his pursuit blocked by the inadequacy of audio technology and performance spaces.”