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Visit Abandoned Denbigh Insane Asylum



The decaying ruins of Wales' first asylum for the mentally ill.

Now in a state of picturesque decay, Denbigh Asylum (aka North Wales Hospital) was actually abandoned relatively recently, closing its doors in 1995 after 147 years of service.

Constructed between 1844-1848, the hospital served as a refuge for Welsh-speaking mental patients. Originally designed to accommodate about 200 patients, it was expanded to alleviate overcrowding in 1899 and eventually was home to as many as 1500 patients.

The hospital has been vandalized and looted since its closing, and plans had been made to demolish the historic building to make way for 280 new homes and businesses, but these were never completed. In 2008 the buildings were featured in an episode of “Most Haunted” and later the same year a devastating fire broke out, causing more damage to the aging structure. Today, its fate is uncertain.