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Travel to Vancouver



Vancouver is a city well-known for its natural beauty. It is the third-largest city in Canada. The city has a unique geographical mix of mountains and sea. Often ranked as one of the best cities to live in, Vancouver is also a popular tourist destination.

The city has beautiful weather and an open-door policy under which anyone from any country is welcome to call this city home. Vancouver port is the busiest port on the West Coast of the North American continent.

When tourists set out to explore this city, the city center takes up most of their time. This is because of the number of important city landmarks, as well as historical buildings that are found here.

It’s no wonder Vancouver features near the top of the world’s most liveable cities surveys, with its meld of stylish 21st-century architecture, regenerated industrial districts and laid-back beachside neighbourhoods. Look along any street downtown and there’s a strong chance you’ll catch a glimpse of the North Shore Mountains, the sea or both.

The West End is chock-full of juice bars and coffee shops, with colourful Davie Street home to a large LGBT community. In revitalised Yaletown, designer boutiques and trendy restaurants fill former warehouses, and diners spill onto busy patios in summer. Historic Gastown and the adjacent Downtown Eastside are undergoing a stratospheric gentrification, with new condos, restaurants and high-end shops taking over decrepit or demolished buildings.

Some of the important places that you can visit in the city center include the Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium. Stanley Park is the most popular tourist hot-spot in the city. The park consists of beaches, apart from long stretches of walking and cycling tracks. Within the park, there are several other attractions for tourists to enjoy. You can also get some of the best views of Vancouver City from this park.


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Went here with my nan a couple of years ago and had the greatest time there, it's a beautiful city.

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Amazing month in Vancouver

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Family trip

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