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Travel to Treviso



Like so many other cities in the Veneto region, the city of Treviso has only a few unique attractions but offers its visitors a very interesting overall concept nonetheless. The historic old town is surrounded by a city wall, which is crossed by three canals. Historic houses, long arcades, river islands and numerous picturesque places and corners characterise the city of Treviso. It is certainly worthwhile taking a long walk through the old town to visit the main square, the cathedral, the fish market and many other sights. By the way, Treviso is also home to the famous fashion brands Benetton, Replay and Stefanel, which makes a stroll along the shopping streets more than worth it.

Beside the beauty of the provincial capital, the province of Treviso offers many attractive tourist destinations and attractions that are worth an excursion. Famous and picturesque hills and villages such as Asolo, Possagno, Andrea Palladio’s famous Villa Barbaro and sculptures and works of art by Antonio Canova are just as much a part of the region of Treviso as the dense cone-shaped growing hills of the Prosecco region. The unforgettable climax of a tour through the region is a tasting of the fine Prosecco sparkling wine at one of the many winegrowers!