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Travel to Texas, USA



Arlington Texas

Arlington Texas is home to the Six Flags over Texas Amusement park. The park offers rides for the youngsters and some heart stopping rides for all of you thrill seekers, and a large selection of games for you to win your special someone a small gift. The park is open 10 months out of the year and is closed from January till March

San Antonio

If you are going to be in the San Antonio area and are looking for a day of thrills and shrills you may want to check out Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Besides all the rides you would expect to see here plus this park has some exclusive rides like the Goliath and the Boomerang, but, be warned these are fast moving rides.

Maybe you are interested in seeing some real Authentic Texas Cowboy Style Fun

Go to a Rodeo

It is not a trip to Texas if you don’t go see a real live Rodeo. Back in the Day a Rodeo was used by ranch owners test their cowboys skills and as part of an interview. Now they are used for sport and have become very popular and are broadcasted all over the world. In the Fort Worth area you can find some of the largest and most popular Rodeos in the world. Here you can see real cowboys showing off there stuff for your enjoyment. And if you want to see one of these you should come early in the year.

Dude Ranches

Maybe you always dreamed of being a real cowboy. Then you may want to try a few days on the dude ranch. Take long rides on horseback, sit around the fire listening to tales of Cowboys past, and get your food of the Chuck Wagon and eat in the great outdoors that Texas has to offer.

Before you leave you have to do some shopping. If you are just looking to go do some shopping at the outlet malls, then you will love shopping in Texas where the malls are larger and have more shops with all the big name brands you could possibly want. Or maybe you are looking for some original gift ideas. Texas offers many small shops with made in Texas products that you can not find anywhere else but here.

Spend a Day at the Beach

With over 600 miles of finely groomed beaches in the sunny Gulf of Mexico, Texas has some of the nicest beaches anywhere in the United States. Not only are the beaches groomed and cleaned on a daily basis they are also manned with life guards 7 days a week 365 days a year. If the kids are not into swimming or catching some rays, they can play in one of the playgrounds on the beach. If you get hungry and did not pack a picnic there is nothing to worry about food stands are available with all your favorite foods and snacks.


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