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Travel to Tasmania, Australia



An archipelago of extraordinary natural beauty, tiny Tasmania (Tassie) is similar in size to Ireland, yet it boasts a staggering diversity of landscapes; from snow-capped mountains and sweeping sandy beaches to ancient rainforest and rolling heathland.

Almost a third of the island state is set aside in national parks, most notably the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area, which is home the tallest flowering plants in the world and second tallest trees – after California’s redwoods.

These forests harbour distinctive wildlife, many of which are endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. The sharp-fanged Tasmanian devil – the largest carnivorous marsupial on the planet – is perhaps the most famous example. Other favourites include the duck-billed platypus, fairy penguin and wallaby.

Beyond its bountiful natural assets, Tasmania is a destination of increasing cultural significance.