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Travel to Seoul, South Korea



As the largest city in South Korea, dynamic Seoul is a bewitching mix of ancient and modern, packaged in a surprisingly compact metropolis that has earned it a UNESCO City of Design title.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is major center for finance and culture on the Asian continent. One of the most modern cities of Asia, the capital has a rich historical past. The combination of the old and the new make the city one of the most unique places in the world. Seoul also has a vibrant nightlife, an aspect not many associate this traditional city with.

Tourists will enjoy visiting several palaces in this city, the most important of which is Gyeongbok Palace or the Palace of Shining Happiness. A huge palace complex, the Gyeongbok Palace seems even more overwhelming because of the mountains in its background. This is the oldest and the largest palace in the capital city. Avid photographers will delight in capturing its architecture. The official residence of South Korea’s President too, is nearby. If you exit from the back gate of the Palace, then you shall be able to see the Blue House, the President’s official residence.

South Korea is also well-known for its garden. But what intrigues the tourists most about this garden in particular is its name, Biwon, meaning Secret Garden. People flock to discover this garden, and to see what’s so secretive about it. A part of the Changdeok’s Palace, the Biwon served as a pleasure-garden for the Korean royal family. A guided tour of this place will tell you all you need to know about the Biwon.

Wandering the endless array of busy streets and alleyways, there’s always something to discover, whether it’s a colourful coffee shop, a designer boutique or neighbourhood street food stall. Keeping pace can be a challenge but a constant flow of activity means there is always something original to unearth.


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