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Travel to Rimini, Italy



Rimini is a city of 146,606 inhabitants in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and capital city of the Province of Rimini. It is located on the Adriatic Sea, on the coast between the rivers Marecchia (the ancient Ariminus) and Ausa (ancient Aprusa).

Tourist Attractions in Rimini

At the southern end of Corso di Augusto, Rimini's main street, stands northern Italy's oldest known Roman triumphal arch, built in 27 BC to commemorate the construction of the Via Flaminia. Part of a ring of defensive walls that were torn down in the 1930s, the arch is unusual in that its extra-wide opening cannot be closed by doors, signifying the newly achieved peace after a long period of wars. The crenelated top is a medieval addition, replacing a crown that was probably topped by a statue of Caesar Augustus, whom the arch honored.

Tempio Malatestiano

Built to house the tombs of members of the Malatesta family, which ruled Rimini from the 13th century, the Tempio Malatestiano was built on an earlier medieval church and completed in Early Renaissance style between 1447 and 1460. The facade was designed by Leon Battista Alberti, who drew his inspiration from the Arch of Augustus, and it was the first to be based on Roman traditions, at the very beginning of the Renaissance. The interior is finely decorated with frescoes by Piero della Francesca showing Sigismondo Malatesta kneeling before St. Sigismondo.

Museo della Città (City Museum)

Housed in a former Jesuit Monastery, the City Museum holds more than 1500 works from prehistory to the present, and is known especially for its collection of Roman mosaics and for one of the finest collections of surgical and pharmaceutical equipment from ancient times. Arranged chronologically, the museum displays ancient sculptures, ceramics, coins, glassware, bronzes, and surgical equipment from the Domus del Chirurgo, the doctor's house that has been excavated in Piazza Ferrari. The art gallery includes masterpieces from the 14th-century Rimini school, along with Renaissance art commissioned by the Malatestas, including Bellini's Pietà and the Pala by Domenico Ghirlandaio. Adjacent to the museum is the large excavation site of the Surgeon's Domus, visible under a glass cover. In addition to this Roman home, the site shows later foundations in strata that reveal more than 2,000 years of Rimini's history.

Rimini Beaches

Along the Adriatic coast northeast of the old town extends the popular beach resort of Rimini, a long stretch of white sand with gentle waves and rows of lounge chairs covered by edge-to-edge umbrellas. To those seeking sand and sun, this Italian beach culture may seem odd, but you'll find this on nearly all Adriatic and Mediterranean beaches. Most are rented by the week, but you'll find some available for a day or a few hours, except in mid-August when all beaches are at full capacity. Behind the beach are hotels, villas, pensioni, and restaurants. The adjoining beaches of Rivabella, Viserba and Torre Pedrera are also popular resorts.

Ponte di Tiberio

Rimini's broad Corso di Augusto runs straight through the center of the old town, as it has since Roman times, from the Arco d'Augusto, through the Forum (now Piazza Tre Martiri), and on to the Ponte di Tiberio, a Roman bridge completed in AD 20, during the reign of Tiberius. Its five arches span the Ariminus river.

Riccione Beaches and Spas

Southeast of Rimini, another set of white sand beaches are popular stops on the Riviera del Sole. The first you'll come to is Riccione, one of Italy's most popular holiday resorts, with thermal springs. Shortly beyond it is the small spa and seaside resort of Misano Adriatico, and beyond that the largest of them, Cattolica. Like the beaches on Rimini's north coast, Cattolica has been a favorite seaside resort since the mid-19th century, with wide boulevards, shops, and hotels. In addition to its long beach, the town offers a choice of active sports: sailing, wind-surfing, water-skiing, tennis, and riding.


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