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Travel to Rhode Island, USA




The Rhode Island School of Design, affectionately known as RISD (pronounced “Riz-dee”) is renowned as one of the best design and fine arts schools in not just America, but the world. The art museum on campus features everything from Old World masterpieces to contemporary works by regional artists.


Mansions and yachts are the de facto symbols of this town of just under 25,000 residents. From colonial homes to the extravagant almost-palaces of the Gilded Age – like The Breakers, the 70-room estate built by the Vanderbilt family – you’ll see some of America’s most fascinating architecture here.

Beavertail Lighthouse

This 1749 lighthouse looks out over Narragansett Bay from its perch on Conanicut Island. Climb the tower to get in on the great views, or simply browse the on-site museum. Because it’s located within Beavertail State Park, you can also do some tide pool exploration on your visit.

Block Island

Situated 13 miles off the mainland, this island wilderness scores big points with outdoorsy types, thanks to its miles of hiking trails. The cliffs at Mohegan Bluffs provide stunning views.


The capital of Rhode Island is both charmingly historic and bustlingly modern by turns. Enjoy strolls through Benefit Street’s Mile of History, filled with colonial homes, and enjoy the local, fresh-caught seafood at local institutions like Hemenways.


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