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Travel to Ras Shaitan



Located on the North East side of the Sinai Peninsula and about an hour’s drive from Nuweiba, Ras Shaitan is a collection of rustic Bedouin-style camps on the Red Sea. Name aside, Ras Shaitan is a perfectly safe place to visit and is one of the most beautiful corners of Egypt. Although just a six-hour drive from Cairo, this area remains cheap and under-developed and is a great place to escape the vanities of urban living and get closer to the land.

Staying There:

Camping is the name of the game in Ras Shaitan. Regardless of the camp that you choose to reside in, your accommodation will consist of a sturdy hut in the hills or a shack by the beach. Both options are clean and reasonably comfortable: the beach shacks have soft, sandy floors, while the huts are a bit more private with elevated sleeping areas and private porches. Bathrooms are communal but clean with ample running water.

Eating There:

The food is one of the highlights of the Ras Shaitan experience. Breakfast is a feast of eggs, thin Bedouin bread, jam, butter, fruit salad and beans or potatoes with coffee or tea, all for about 10LE. Snack options include fries, pizza and sandwiches, which are available throughout the day along with a selection of sodas and juices. At night, Bedouin feasts of rice and meat, fish or vegetables with salads are made to order for your party. Most camps have a tab system, where the staff keep track of your orders and you pay at the end of your stay; so make sure to keep your own record to avoid any surprises.


Relaxing is the main activity here, with tents and chairs set up by the water for lazy bodies to occupy them. Bring books, magazines, cards, backgammon and musical instruments to stay entertained all day long. If you are a shisha addict; BYOS (bring your own shisha) and enjoy it by the beach. If you don’t like to be completely sedentary, it’s also possible to go for a hike in the craggy hills outside of the camps, or take a boat cruise in the sea and explore the reefs in the area. Most people turn in early and rise early at the camp to maximise daylight hours, but an evening spent by the beach gazing at the stars is also one of Ras Shaitan’s best forms of entertainment.