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Travel to Oslo, Norway



The famous name says it all. Oslo, Norway is a paradise you should discover and rediscover. Any travel buff will surely appreciate this city’s historic and urban centers.

The first spot you should head to is the park that boasts Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture. He is a famous Norwegian artist and his work can totally blow you away. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about the historical Viking ships that sailed in this country, the Bygdoy museum can provide you more information about it. You can learn about monarchies in Norway by visiting the Akershus castle that was built some time in the 1300’s. If you are more attached with urban living, you can tour the west part of the city to see some interesting imposing buildings. But if you are the type that seeks thrill and adventure, in Oslo, you can shout at the top of your voice in Holmenkollen Ski Jump. You can also try to do cross-country or down hill skiing or simply play golf in huge courses.

Oslo, offers the best of both worlds, and you will never forget this city once you step here. There are great spots to visit and extreme activities to do here that you will surely enjoy.


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Dec 17 at 01:09 am
dream country and city!

traveliseverything _

Oct 18 at 17:48 pm
Loved iT

Bach Van

Jul 26 at 00:07 am

ozlem deger

Jan 15 at 17:08 pm
burasi mı? ....o her şeyi degistiricek olan

Denice Hansen

Dec 29 at 00:44 am
went once with the family and then with the ex and some friends. very nice place. went in the fall - bad idea