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Travel to Novalja, Croatia



The largest town on the island of Pag is Novalja in the north and the city of Pag in the south. The town of Pag is situated in a large bay. There are 20 km of gravel and sandy beaches there. We also find here salt pans with a long tradition. The city of Pag has 4 hotels and numerous private apartments and rooms. There is a camping and a small marina nearby. Masquerade and other events for tourists are organized in Pag in the summer and winter time. Novalja is the tourist center on the northern part of the island, known for its turbulent nightlife that takes place on a nearby beach Zrce in clubs that are open there 24 hours a day. Novalja has everything for a dream holiday; many restaurants, bars and clubs, several hotels, many apartments and rooms, sports, and cultural and entertainment events.


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Dora June

Dec 25 at 23:11 pm
Amazing place.