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Travel to North Dakota, USA



The Badlands

So named after its most famous admirer and conservationist, Theodore Roosevelt National Park stretches 70,000 acres across painted canyons, unusual rock formations and sweeps of rugged grassland dotted with wild horses, bison, elk and other wildlife. Every summer families from across the country and state come to historic Medora, located in the park’s South Unit, to horseback ride, watch the Medora Musical and step back into an untamed past.


Located just across the Red River from its sister city of Moorhead, Minnesota, Fargo is North Dakota’s most populous city. Visitors are consistently surprised by the vibrant downtown lined with independent boutiques, art galleries, local restaurants and the trademark historic Fargo Theatre, among other eclectic bars and local businesses. The Red River Zoo makes for a fun afternoon for families while North Dakota State’s Division 1 athletics ensures there’s always a good game going on. And, no, Fargo’s nothing like the movie.

Festivals and Events

Despite being one of the least populated states, there’s always something happening in North Dakota. The Norsk Høstfest, held every September in Minot, is the continent’s largest Scandinavian festival and the perfect place to sample Nordic cuisine and inviting hospitality. For a taste of the state’s Native American legacy, the United Tribes International Powwow, which features 70 tribes from across North America, is a cultural must. There’s also Trollwood Performing Arts School’s theater programs and summer musical and, to name just one more, Bras on Broadway, a quirky and colorful bazar which raises local support to fight breast cancer.

The Lewis and Clark Trail

In 1804, under the direction of President Jefferson, Lewis and Clark entered North Dakota to explore the immense territory gained by the Louisiana Purchase. Retrace their footsteps by following the Lewis and Clark Trail. Start at the historical replica of Fort Mandan, where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1804-1805, and continue into the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn. Here you will find a complete historical recount of their expedition along with seeing tools and equipment which propelled them on their journey.

International Peace Garden

Located on the border between North Dakota and Manitoba, the International Peace Garden has been a symbol of friendship since 1932. Inside, visitors will discover more 150,000 flowers, reflecting pools, a 120-foot peace tower, chiming bells and, most recently, a memorial to 9/11 made from steel girders from the New York World Trade Center. Although most colorful in the spring and summer months, the garden is open year-round.


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