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Travel to Newry



The island of Ireland is divided into thirty-two counties and the City of Newry is split between two of the counties in Northern Ireland, County Armagh and County Down. The city itself is situated in a valley from where the peaks of the Mourne, Cooley, and south Armagh mountains can been seen.

The city has existed as a settlement for well over 850 years. When John De Courcy came to Ireland in the twelfth century he established significant bases at Newry, Carlingford, Carrickfergus and Coleraine, all of which developed into towns and monasteries.

After the Irish war of independence to drive the British out of Ireland (1919–1921), a truce was called and a treaty was signed which partitioned the country. Despite being a nationalist town, Newry fell on the northern side of the border. As a result of partition, Newry people, because of their nationalist sympathies, suffered greatly from mass unemployment and discrimination inflicted on them by the Unionist-led government.

Newry is thankfully seeing better days. It is a major population centre almost equidistant from Belfast and Dublin, and the border partitioning the island is almost non-existent. However, economically, it’s a different story. As a result of the crash of the Celtic tiger in the south, it’s more cost-effective for southern shoppers to shop in the North, leading to bad traffic congestion in Newry.