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Travel to Moscow



The Kremlin and Red Square

The Kremlin and Red Square are the first places to visit in the Russian capital. But be careful. They are beautiful, striking and incomparable. We can’t guarantee you won’t be shocked, so why take the risk?

Moscow nightlife

It’s crowded and noisy. Everyone’s dancing, shouting and having so much fun, plus there’s all those bars with summer terraces and views of the city. Moscow never sleeps. Consider yourself warned.

The Soviet legacy

It's everywhere in Moscow — the VDNKh exhibition center, for instance. It is still home to Soviet monuments, fountains with golden statues, 75-year-old pavilions, the Space Museum, and the “Worker and Farm Girl” monument. Horrible, right? No one likes history.

Views of Moscow from bars and restaurants

Okay, Russian cuisine is fine, but when you come to eat or drink your attention is always grabbed by something other than food. In the end, you don’t know what to look at: the view or your plate. 0 out of 10. Better eat at home.

Moscow Metro

Let’s be honest, don’t go there. You’ll never see all the Metro stations, each of which is unique. There are monuments, cafes, a museum and photo booths all over the place. There’s even a station built on a bridge above the water. That’s dangerous and scary!

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