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Travel to Missouri, USA



Five reasons to visit Missouri.

  1. The Challenger Learning Center provides simulated space missions, science education and teambuilding programs for students, corporations and the general public. Anyone six and up can participate in a Simulated Space Mission, which replicates what it's like to go on a mission to the moon, Mars or a comet, either aboard a space station or at Mission Control.

  2. It's all local growers who bring their goods to the Saturday-morning Ferguson Farmers Market, including Ferguson's own Earthdance Farms. And besides lots of fresh produce (much of it organic), there are eggs, meat, cheese, baked goods, chefs demos, souvenirs, crafts, and live music. The complete experience.

  3. Ferguson celebrates the rail line that bisects the city at the Whistle Stop, housed in a former train depot that looks like a mini-museum inside. The menu features railroad-themed sandwiches and locally famous frozen custard.

  4. For lovers of Italian cuisine, Vincenzo's delivers the classics, like fettucini carbonara, chicken speidini, spaghetti Bolognese, plus seafood, steaks, and sandwiches.

  5. End the day at Cork Wine Bar, the charming little dispenser of drinks and small bites, with more than 100 wines, local, draft and import beers and signature martinis. Raise a glass to Ferguson!


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