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Travel to Kandy, Sri Lanka



Kandy is located at the center of Sri Lanka and is generally recognized as the island nation's cultural capital.

Kandy is Sri Lanka's second largest city located in the mountainous center of the island. It is considered by some as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, and was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. A cooler climate and smaller size make it much more pleasant and accessible than Colombo.

Here are several reasons why you should visit Kandy


With many sites and scenes bottled up in to a small island, a traveller could be riding the waves in the dawn and admiring the green carpeted mountains by dusk. Travel destinations in Sri Lanka provide an array of holiday experiences from beach holidays to a marathon of wildlife watching, adrenaline pumping adventure sports and pilgrimage to some of the oldest cities in the world. With so many cultures living next to each other, life in Sri Lanka offers a series of festivities throughout the year.


Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural society – a reflection of the island's encounter with successive foreign immigrants.

The main ethnics, Sinhalese and Tamils, both originate from the Indian subcontinent. Muslims settlers reached the island from the time it became an ancient trading centre. Similarly, Malays and Chinese were attracted to the island. The Portuguese and British brought with them Kaffirs from Africa, and the Dutch an assortment of European traders, the Burghers. A fascinating mixture of cultures. And whatever their situation in society – the smiles and the hospitality of Sri Lankans are legendary and worth an experience.


Nearly all the world's major religious denominations are represented in Sri Lanka. Add to this a plethora of ethnicities and social groupings, and the result is a crowded festival calendar.

Numerous colorful festivals, giving new life to ancient traditions and spiritual practices of the islanders, are not to be missed. A highlight for all senses is Aluth Avurudda – the Hindu and Buddhist New Year's festival in April. For two days life takes place on the streets – with music, fireworks and delicious food. The Vesak festival in May is the most important festival of the Buddhists, which marks the first month of the Buddhist calendar year.

Ayurveda & Spas

Well-being for all senses is part of Sri Lanka's tradition: Ayurveda, the 2000 year old Indian medicine, is still very popular in Sri Lanka and visitors coming to the island for ayurvedic treatments are very often repeaters. Those who don't have the time for a two or three weeks stay at one of the health resorts, find Ayurveda massages, meditation, yoga lessons or spas in many hotels. Sri Lanka is definitely a perfect place for relaxation.

Sports & Adventure

With over 1,600 km of coast, Sri Lanka is an ideal location for wind-surfing, water-skiing, surfing, sailing, scuba-diving (including wreck-diving), snorkeling and more.Sri Lanka possesses over 100 hundred rivers, together with lagoons and 'tanks' (irrigation lakes), so there are plentiful opportunities for year-round kayaking and canoeing.

The Kelani Ganga near Kitulgala has fast headwaters and rapids ideal for white-water rafting. Varied landscapes, wildlife, and archaeological sites offer excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking. Nature trails include the Sinharaja rainforest, the cloud-forests of Horton Plains, the Knuckles (mountain range), and Hakgala Strict Natural Reserve.


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Ollie Clark

Feb 24 at 18:04 pm
Went here when I was 11 for my mother's and step-dad's wedding - I don't remember it that well, but it was pretty nice.

Simon Ansell

Feb 22 at 11:10 am
Went to watch the first Test it is a very cultural city.

Darren Jansz

Dec 04 at 11:10 am
Done this before