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Travel to Johannesburg



Johannesburg is a very diverse and renowned city. It is the largest city in South Africa and is the capital of the Gauteng provinces, the wealthiest province in the country. Johannesburg became developed after the African gold rush came to be. In 1886, gold was discovered in Langlaagte, Johannesburg. This even drove countless European and American hopefuls to venture to the continent and look for gold, this prompting the city’s immediate development. Johannesburg is one of the richest cities in South Africa and the whole African continent today.

The climate in Johannesburg is sub-tropical highland. This means that the weather is relatively sunny with mild to moderate rain showers in the winter months. The city has warm days and cold nights. Snow isn’t common, but frost does occur, especially on winter evenings. The air the city is very fresh and clean. That is because Johannesburg is home of the world’s largest man-made forest. Thanks to these trees, the air and pollution are regularly cleaned up.


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