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Travel to Japan



How stunning its temples and shrines are

All the beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are reason enough to visit Japan. One of the best-preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto offers something like 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines within the limits of the Kansai Region city, while Nara is home to no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to some of the best temples not only in Nara Prefecture, but in the country. You should see them with your eyes, they look just stunning!

How freakin’ clean it is

You won’t see any litter or a discarded cup or cigarette butt anywhere, the streets smell nice and the bus drivers wear white gloves. Like, white white. Like, how-is-that-even-possible white. Japan is so clean you could safely lick the sidewalks, and they will probably taste like nori. Even Tokyo is so clean to the point where it almost looks brand new! Japan is the window into the future where people respect their surroundings.

How amazing its natural landscapes are

Japan is filled with perfect landscapes scattered across the country for people to soak in its beauty. For many people, the image that immediately springs to mind in conjunction with Japan is actually skyscrapers, bright neon lights and advanced technology, but there’s a lot more to Japan than its urban landscapes. The stunning spectacle of Mount Fuji, the magnificent sight of Arashiyama bamboo Forest, the many temples and gardens and the magnificent rugged mountains make Japan an ideal destination for nature lovers all year round.

How weird it is

They make cartooned versions of everything, they make plastic food look incredible, they have the weirdest flavors of food ever, they have bizarre and strangely addictive music videos. They invented banana slipcase, square watermelons, baby mops and cuddle pillows. They have toilets that talk to you, blow dry your bum, and even play music for you (both to relax and mask) while you do your business. Yep, that was a weird moment.

How efficient public transportation is

As much as Tokyo rush hour sucked, I do miss being able to commute all around the city and country by train. Also, I really appreciated the punctuality of trains in Japan. During my two-week trip, I travelled mostly by local trains and the Shinkansen, and those trains were never late, not once! Imagine being in a place where if a train is due to arrive at 8.30, it actually pulls in at 8.29 and 40 seconds and leaves at 8.30. Still freaks me out, but in a great way of course.


Success stories

Karen Almedilla-Geraldino

Feb 08 at 19:06 pm
The best travel so far! My first ever travel abroad ü

Tamblyn Devoy

Jan 02 at 11:48 am
Greatest trips of my life.

Claudia Barrett

Dec 12 at 02:03 am
at mhc

Jessica Yu

Apr 11 at 19:05 pm
It's a pity that I could not recall anything

Harut Pogossian

Jan 29 at 20:02 pm
Japan is amazing! Must visit Tokyo and Kyoto! Surely, lot of other nice cities!

Fang Fangg

Nov 01 at 11:17 am
Nice places and will be back for sure!

katrina ong

Sep 16 at 13:06 pm
I visited Tokyo in late June and experienced the life of the buzzing city, It really is one of the busiest cities in the work!

Elisa K

Aug 29 at 23:59 pm

Lena Ana

Feb 27 at 06:34 am
First but not last visit

katie adams

Feb 06 at 07:14 am


Jan 18 at 00:46 am

Kore CF

Jan 07 at 22:14 pm
Lived there for over 2 years

alex .

Jan 03 at 18:12 pm

Tayla Munro

Jan 03 at 11:38 am
Went for 3 weeks.

djsbsbs Hjahsg

Dec 23 at 04:43 am

Milton Rice

Dec 16 at 04:53 am
lovely country