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Travel to Iowa, USA



Quirky attractions

Iowa is filled with superlative oddities worth a road trip stop: the world’s largest corn stalk in Shelby, the world’s largest bull in Audubon, the country’s widest street in Onawa, the world’s oldest ice cream parlor in Wilton, and the world’s largest strawberry. Don’t forget your camera.

Beautiful trails

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cyclist or a hiker – everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Iowa’s countryside trails. The state goes above and beyond to maintain its trail network, and a few particularly breathtaking choices include the Wabash Trace Nature Trail, Loess Hills and High Trestle Trail. For a bit of history, don’t miss the Lewis & Clark Trail or the Mormon Trail, both noteworthy auto tours.

City of Literature

Wordsmiths and bibliophiles will find plenty to enjoy in Iowa City, which is the only UNESCO-designated City of Literature in the country. Book festivals, writing contests and poetry posted in public spaces are just a few ways Iowa City celebrates the written word. Writing festivals and workshops also add to the city’s creative community.

Beer and breweries

The craft beer scene is spreading quickly throughout Iowa, with 15 microbreweries opening their doors since 2012. Notable breweries worth a stop include Worth Brewing Company, which holds the distinction of being the smallest licensed brewery in the country, and Twisted Vine Brewery, a winery and brewery combination that uses grape juices to create wine-inspired beers.


Corn fields, pastures and farm houses define much of Iowa’s landscape, where the soil churns out the majority of the country’s corn and soybean supply. You can get in touch with the roots of your food supply with a visit to one of Iowa’s farms, where you can pick your own produce, make your way through a corn field maze, take a hayride through farm country or simply relax in the tranquility of a bed and breakfast on a quiet farm.


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