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Travel to Elgin



Nestled in the world-famous whisky region, Elgin lies on the south coast of the Moray Firth roughly midway between Inverness and Aberdeen and straddles the River Lossie.

The town offers many pleasant characteristics, breathtaking scenery and a number of local distilleries including Glen Moray, Gordon & MacPhail and Glen Elgin, most of which have open days for the public and whisky trails.

On North College Street is the lovely ruin of Elgin Cathedral. Once considered Scotland's most beautiful cathedral, rivalling St Andrews in importance, today it is little more than a shell, though it does retain its original facade. Unusual features include the Pictish cross slab in the middle of the ruins and the cracked gravestones with their memento mori of skulls and crossbones.

At the very top of High Street is one of Britain's oldest museums, the Elgin Museum, housed in this building since 1843.


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