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Travel to Edinburgh, UK



Scotland's capital lives and breathes history - and we know you are itching to uncover its many secrets from the past! You might start by exploring historic castles and palaces and roaming ancient streets and wynds. Take a themed tour of the Old Town and uncover its unique character, formed by centuries of human inhabitation.

You're never far from a cultural attraction in Edinburgh. Perhaps you'll scale a monument dedicated to a wordsmith, admire traditional and contemporary artworks in galleries, see treasured wonders in museums or explore they city's many royal connections? You might even want to hop on a sightseeing bus to see them all!

Here are the most beautiful places that you surely must visit when you are in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

I know what you’re thinking. Edinburgh Castle, isn’t that a bit obvious? But really? Have you seen it? Its beauty smacks you right in the face as you stroll along Princes Street. Proudly positioned above the city’s vibrant city gardens, its iconic presence is what captivates the hearts of most locals and visitors alike. Get the best views looking up from the Grassmarket or from just outside Waverly Station. The views from the castle aren’t bad either now that you mention it.

Water of Leith Walkway

Up and coming Leith is a somewhat underrated area of the city and in the past decade it has become an attractive and trendy neighbourhood. Its many quirky pubs and restaurants such as Nobles and Kings Wark make it worth a visit. The Water of Leith Walkway is a popular cycling and walking route and the many colourful boats and tree-lined walkways make it feel as though you’ve left the city. The walk takes you through some of the prettiest areas of Edinburgh such as Stockbridge and Dean Village.

Calton Hill

Boasting gorgeous views, Calton Hill’s central location makes it a popular spot for those wishing to take in the entire city in all its beauty. On top of the hill you’ll find the Nelson Monument and the National Monument, an unfinished acropolis that is better known under its local nickname ‘Edinburgh’s disgrace.’ It may be seen as a failure in architectural endeavours but it is still a popular place to get some fantastic photos.

The Meadows

If you aren’t enticed by the smell of barbecue smoke wafting through the air, then maybe you’ll be attracted by the chilled atmosphere of this huge green space. A favourite spot for Edinburgh University students, this is the place to be on a sunny day in Edinburgh.

The Royal Mile

Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile stretches between the castle and the Scottish parliament. The street is situated in the Old Town and is lined with stone tenement buildings with cobbled closes in between. It’s a bustling area with plenty going on that’s main attraction is St Giles Cathedral, a wonderfully gothic church with an impressive crown spire.


Take a look back into history and visit Cramond beach, that can be enjoyed in either good weather or bad. Most prominent on the beach are the WW2 fortifications (that were constructed as a submarine defence) that, when the weather is misty, dramatically rise from the fog. At low tide there is a path that stretches all the way to an island – although if you decide to visit, you'd better be careful with your timing, it’s not uncommon for tourists to be stranded once the tide comes back in! You can also see the remains of a Roman settlement that will certainly be of interest to any budding historians.


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