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Travel to Cuba



Miles of white sand beaches, small tucked away towns, striking architecture, clear blue waters and the best cigars in the world are all found in the lovely country of Cuba.

The people of Cuba are really the treasure of this island with their lively culture, beautiful creativity and welcoming hospitality.

Get ready to explore how fabulous this country is with the top ten reasons to visit Cuba this year.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Cuba.

1. Cuba's beaches

Cuban beaches are among the Caribbean's most beautiful ones: endless and sandy, with white, soft sand and crystal clear water, coral reefs and turquoise panorama all around. The Caribbean Sea is just perfect for relaxing, but also to soak up the sun and to snorkel. Varadero, the most famous place to party on Cuba.

2. Cuban Coffee

Coffee produced in Cuba is worldwide renowned for its unique flavor and its long-lasting aftertaste. Coffee plantations up on the hills of Sierra del Rosario are for example worth a visit: they infact include a visit centre to learn more about the history of the coffee production. You can also have a cafe cubano tasting, which is served black, in small cups.

3. Festivals in Cuba

Brazil is not the only country which knows its stuff when it comes to celebrations and parties; Cuba's festivals calendar is infact packed with exciting appointments such as the Carnival of Santiago, the Caribbean Festival (Fiesta del Fuego) and the Easter Procession in Trinidad. Fiesta del Fuego takes place in Santiago de Cuba every July and it is a fantastic events with parades, fireworks and loads of dancing.

4. Food and Cuisine

Such a mix of Spanish, African and Caribbean cooking traditions has turned Cuban dishes into an explosion of taste. The best food can be enjoyed in "casa particular" despite the menu offered can have a limited choice: dishes are in fact freshly prepared depending on the day. Food lovers should definitely try lobster but if you are not that hungry you can go for bocaditos, small sandwich.

5. Cuban islands

Cuba truly is an idyllic island in the middle of the Caribbean and it hides some of the most beautiful islands, perfect for swimming, relaxing and diving, such as Cayo Largo or Cayo Coco, where the water is simply transparent. Isla de la Juventud, the largest one, is known mainly as Punta del Este and as a major location for snorkeling and diving.


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