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Travel to Crikvenica, Croatia



Crikvenica is a town with a hundred-year-old tourist tradition. It is located in the Kvarner bay of the Adriatic Sea – the most beautiful part of the Croatin littoral. The entire town is actually a Riviera with a series of almost connected urban places. Numerous historical monuments and remains testify about the turbulent past of this town. Historical sites enthusiasts can visit the Pauline monastery ( it holds all of the valuable historical belongings of Crikvenica), Tos ( an old mill used for making and processing olive oil), Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Antun church, Memorial studio of Zvonko Car and the town museum of Crikvenica. Numerous happenings and manifestations take place during summer, as well as concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions, traditional festivities. The fun starts in the early morning hours on one of many beautiful sandy beaches and continues in countless disco clubs. Sports and active vacation enthusiasts can enjoy cycling, mini golf, table tennis, sailing, football, bowling,paintball, hiking, handball, basketball, beach volleyball, jet-ski, water skiing, paragliding, diving, swimming and many other activities. You can go on one-day trips to Krk, Kosljun, Vrbnik, Klimno, Kacjak, Biserujka cave on the island of Krk, as well as the island of Rab. If you are a gastronomy enthusiast and want to savor the delicacies of this region, as well as the Istrian cuisine, you have numerous restaurants and taverns at your disposal. Visit the restaurants “Galija”, “Bodulka”, “Ribica”, taverns “Mare”, “Dispet” and “Amfora”.

Crikvenica’s name comes from the Croatian for church – crkva (or crikva in local dialect) – as a church was built in this location in the 14th century.

The town’s growth really came about in the late 19th century as it developed into a popular tourist resort, near to the large port of Rijeka. A harbour was built here in 1877 and a bathing beach followed in 1888.

Much like the resort of Opatija, Crikvenica was also developed as a health and wellness resort due to its temperate climate, and was given official status as such in 1906. A number of hotels were built in the early part of the 20th century offering guests facilities along these lines.

Learn what you can see and do in this charming coastal town.

Beaches. Of all sorts.

In Crikvenica, beaches are not just a place where you wet your feet in the sand. They are essentially a part of the town’s identity, as the first one was opened to the public more than a century ago. This “Beach Culture” provides a variety of options to its consumers, from sand beaches filled with people to keep you company, to lonely, rocky valleys where you can enjoy a quiet moment of peace.

There is also a pet –friendly beach, in case you brought a furry friend with you. If you like exploring your surroundings, the nice “Lungo Mare” to the village of Selce is highly recommended, as you will surely find a place to spread your towel on the way. Oh, and one more thing – all beaches have been awarded with a Blue Flag rating, meaning they satisfied the strictest criteria in terms of water quality and environmental management. In the world of beaches, there’s no bigger prize to get.

Historical and cultural sites

Having a cold drink on a sunny beach is only half of the vacation you can have in Crikvenica. If you care to become familiar with the area’s history and culture, there are a couple spots you might want to visit. The first one is definitely The Church of Mary’s Accession, the oldest building in the town. Dating from the 15th century, it was provided by Prince Frankopan to the Pauline Order, whick kept it to this day, as well as the numerous sculptures and other items you can see inside it.

Under and above the water

The fisherman in you might go wild in Crikvenica. For good reason. Beautiful flora and fauna are not only found on the land. Catch a big one on numerous fishing sites around the town’s shore. Be sure to secure your licence in the Arbun Sport Fishing Club (Frankopanska Street 26a). If you wish to go beneath the surface, diving gear can be rented at Dive City, Mihuric Diving and Crikvenica Diving Center (Frankopanska Street 28b). The clubs also offer diving schools and instructions.

Prefer a solid boat under your feet? The town has a policy called “From guests to good friends”, which encourages the local population to share their everyday life with foreign visitors.

Over hills and valleys

If you are an active person searching for a road to walk or mountain to climb, there are plenty of challenges for you to respond to in Crikvenica. Grab your sneakers, as seven tracks await you in Crikvenica’s close proximity, all filled with beautiful sights and resting points. Contact Strilez Mountainclimbing Club for additional tips. Feel like pushing a pedal? Crikvenica Bike Club awaits your questions regarding six bicycle tracks you will want to ride (including information on bike rental services). More into extreme sports? Paintball, cagefootball, summo, spinroller and many other surprises await you in Adrenaline Park. And whenever you want to be alone with that special someone, there’s a small, romantic “Love path” you can veer off onto.