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Travel to Connecticut, USA



The Autumns in New England

If you are a well traveled or informed individuals, you no doubt have heard of the famous “New England Autumns.” Most people when they immediately think of New England think of Massachusetts, Vermont or maybe New Hampshire. One of the nice things about Connecticut is that in the northern parts of Connecticut, the autumns have the same appeal as places like Vermont or New Hampshire. Beautiful foliage, trees and greenery that is unmatched almost anywhere in the United States!

Close Proximity to Other Great Locations

There is something nice about being nestled in between large metropolitan cities such as Boston and New York. By visiting Connecticut, you can easily make side trips to these two cities. Or you can go the famous beaches of Cape Cod, or Rhode Island. Or you can hop on the ferry and go to Long Island, and travel with the rich and the famous in the Hamptons. Or if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, take a short drive to the mountains of Vermont and Maine for some of the best mountains in the country. Those are just a few of the possibilities you can tie into a trip to Connecticut.

Variance in Possibilities

If you want a beach retreat, the Connecticut shoreline provides innumerable options for relaxing on beautiful beaches. If you want a country retreat and escape from the hectic city life, the Connecticut Berkshires can provide a beautiful serene getaway for the whole family. If you want to enjoy excellent nightlife and entertainment, and world class concerts and shows, then Eastern Connecticut has you covered.

World Class Dining

Because of the New York influence, Connecticut has some of the greatest restaurants in the country. If you like amazing pizza, New Haven’s pizza rivals pizza ANYWHERE in the world. If you are looking for high end, upscale restaurants, Hartford county has some of the best! If you like seafood, Connecticut’s shoreline has some amazing fresh seafood places.

History, Literacy and Education

If you are a history or a literacy buff, then Connecticut is the place to be! Famous civil war monuments, Mark Twain’s home, and one of the most famous and longest running universities in the country all reside in Connecticut.


Success stories

Mikaela Swanepoel

Dec 17 at 03:27 am
within 4 months we made the big move to the US and have settled in Stamford connecticut with family